Christmas Mass

Christmas Mass

I extend a warm personal welcome to each of you tonight. Together we come to the crib filled with the wonder that our God became human and took on the weakness of our flesh. He is our Saviour. His whole life given offered for us gives us light and hope.

The events of this year show us how sorely we need that hope. We are invited to stand in awe at the crib, remembering that our God values us so highly that he entered fully into the darkness of this world to cast light and joy upon it.

Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year A

In these last days before Christmas we watch with Mary who has the Saviour already in her womb. His arrival is imminent, God is with us and he invites us to open our hearts to him in the hope that only he can provide.

Third Sunday of Advent - Year A

“Look, your God is coming …. He is coming to save you.”

"Our salvation is nearer than it was when we first came to believe."

John the Baptist wants to know if Jesus comes for retribution. In answer, Jesus says that he is the Messiah, not to judge, but to bring mercy.

Mass at St James the Apostle Church Hoppers Crossing

Every time that we come to Mass we do so in hope that the guidance of our Saviour will help us to face the challenge of our future. In this time before Christmas this is particularly powerful.

John the Baptist wants to know that if Jesus comes as a God of retribution to pay us back for our evil as he had been expecting. In answer, Jesus says that he has come as Messiah, not to judge, but to bring mercy.

Ordination To Diaconate Of Peter-Damien Mckinley

The Church presents to us the energetic figure of John the Baptist crying to each of us to prepare a way for the Lord.

Peter-Damien McKinley today will make the significant step in his life when he receives ordination to the Diaconate at my hands. He will be a Deacon and Priest of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and will serve the Diocese in our parishes. At the same time he will be a member of the Emmanuel Community, a body of people who are an active presence in the New Evangelisation, and yet contemplatives whose strength is drawn from Mass and adoration of the Eucharist, community support and work among the people.