Mass celebrated a Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne Mass celebrated a Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne

Mass celebrated a Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne

Sunday 25 June 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,An elderly woman, who had worked all her life sewing, finally saved up enough money to go to visit the Holy Land. She had never been on a plane before and was very much afraid. Even though there were four bishops on the plane, she remained totally fearful. Once the plane had reached a suitable altitude and was making its way across the sea the woman opened her eyes, looked out the window and saw that just at that moment one of the plane’s engines broke loose from its bearings and disappeared downward. ‘We are all going to die’, she shouted. The...

Presentation pf Cross ‘Pro Ecclesiae Et Pontifice’ to Father Luciano Rocchi, OFM Cap, by Archbishop Denis Hart in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today it is my honour on behalf of the Holy Father to present the Cross ‘Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice’ to Father Luciano Rocchi, a longstanding Italian chaplain, priest and gifted pastor in our Archdiocese.

Mass celebrated at Saint Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne for ordinations to the diaconate and the priesthood

Saturday 24 June 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With wonder we come forward for the ordination of Trevor Tibbertsma and Marcus Goulding to the priesthood, of Hubert Fernando to the permanent diaconate; and Tho Tran to the diaconate on his journey to the priesthood. Ordinations are an invitation to young men, supported by the Church, to come forward to be other Christs and Ministers of Word and Sacrament. Today we are surrounded by the joyful prayer and praises of the community of the faithful as these four men come forward to ordained ministry, supported by family, friends, seminarians, priests and bishops alike. 

Mass celebrated at St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne for the 35th anniversary of Catholic Regional College, Sydenham

Thursday 22 June 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is the presence and love of Jesus which transforms all of us, and here at CRC over 35 years, gifted leaders and intelligent, aspiring young people have worked together to take their place in the world with dignity and skill.

For me this has shone out through the leadership of principals, the huge vision of Father John O'Reilly and the readiness of young people to give dignity, respect, care and hospitality, so that in passing through CRC Sydenham we see our place in the world.

Mass celebrated at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Sunday 18th June 2017, Feast of Corpus Christi

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The feast of Corpus Christi has always reminded me how real and close is Jesus when present to us. In the sacrifice of the Mass what he did on the cross in death is made present again and the bread and wine consecrated become his Body and Blood, the food and medicine for our souls.

I have often said here that whether in the celebration of Mass where we prepare by listening to God’s Word and then the bread and wine are changed so that Jesus becomes really present, we are drawn into unity with our God in a marvellous and wonderful way, which will never end.