Homily: Christmas Day Homily: Christmas Day

Homily: Christmas Day

Wednesday 25 December 2018

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
There’s a scene towards the end of the first Jurassic Park movie where the intrepid scientists come across a nest of cracked-open egg shells. All the dinosaurs were supposed to be sterile, so no hatched eggs should have been possible. But there they were; birth had occurred. As the Jeff Goldberg character put it: “Life will find a way.”

Homily: 16 December: 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 16 December 2018

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli 

One of my early tasks as your Archbishop has been to get out and about in the Archdiocese so as to get to know this large and multifaceted family of faith. It has been a good few months of meeting you, and to hear of your circumstances. As I am sure you can imagine, many folk have raised with me the past years of crisis faced by the Church, and the way in which trust needs to be rebuilt and Christian life supported.

Homily: 9 December: Second Sunday of Advent

Sunday 9 December 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

There is a favourite Comensoli story told on family gatherings, much to the embarrassment of my niece. It’s the story of when, at the age of four, she was the flower-girl at her Aunty’s wedding. It was quite the day, where she got to be at the centre of all the action: had the hair and make-up done with the gown-ups, got the photos taken, walked beautifully up the aisle, and sat at the head table. But most particularly, it was a super dress-up day: a lovely white silken dress, a tiara and veil, stockings, and little white leather shoes. My niece was having her most princess-y day ever.

Homily: Advent

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli 
You will all be familiar with the various ‘second and third’ channels of the major free-to-air TV stations. By-and-large, they are ‘catch-up’ stations that show repeats of programs first released on the main channel. So, you can get re-runs of Seinfeld, Midsomer Murders, favourite movies, even the nightly news. As comforting and convenient this is on a lazy Sunday evening, let’s face it, it’s just the same old stuff being offered over and over.