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Archbishop Denis Hart’s 2011 Christmas message

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Archbishop Denis Hart has issued the following Christmas message:

Christmas comes to a world filled with families grieving the loss of young Australians in war, the inroads of sickness which cuts life short, anger and wanton violence.

The birth of Jesus our Saviour as a baby reminds us that God's love is light in darkness, constancy of love and faithfulness, which invites us to live by the love that he has first shown us.

The blessings of Christmas are precious but fragile. A child is born into poverty. Kings worship at his crib, but another king threatens his life. This child becomes the world's greatest teacher, who offers us new hope and the means to be saved. He offers us the possibility of giving to others; our time, our interest, our love, and he promises us a joy beyond what we can imagine.

May Christmas be a time for God, who loved us first, and invites us to share his love with others. May we bring peace and hope to all we meet and receive it in rich measure ourselves, so that we can witness to the triumph of light and goodness over darkness and evil.

May Christ give peace to our hearts and minds.

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