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Melbourne Archbishop’s 2017 Easter message

Monday 10 April 2017

Media and Communications Office

The Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, has released his Message for Easter for 2017, reminding us that although the Easter message is timeless, it echoes differently from year to year, reflecting the changing world in which we live.

Referring to recent tragedies in Egypt, London and the Middle East, Archbishop Hart reminds us that we are, through Jesus’ cross and resurrection, all one.

His Grace reminds us of the Church’s call to reach out to all suffering and vulnerable people, from refugees to the poor, the unborn, the aged and especially, the children.

Pausing to consider the recent great shame of the Church in Australia, Archbishop Hart again asks forgiveness for the times the Church has failed in its sacred duty.

He also points out to us that, despite the crosses we are all asked to carry, the Easter season is a reminder that our struggles are not the final word.

The final word is new life in the risen Christ.

Below, view the Archbishop’s 2017 Message for Easter.
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