Vatican Honors Caritas Aide for Work in North Korea

Vatican Honors Caritas Aide for Work in North Korea

23 October 2006VATICAN CITY, OCT. 23, 2006 ( ).- The Vatican honored Käthi Zellweger's years of work through Caritas for the people of North Korea by bestowing on her one of the highest Church honors a layperson can attain. The Vatican hailed Zellweger by making her a Dame of St. Gregory the Great. In a communiqué released Friday, Caritas Internationalis highlighted Zellweger's 28 years of work with Caritas-Hong Kong, supported for many years by Caritas Australia

Bishop Wingle Arrives in Australia

ImageMedia Release: 24 October 2006

Bishop Wingle has arrived in Australia to commence his national world youth day promotional tour as part of the national Activ8 program.

Bishop Wingle is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with much to share with our youth. He will appear at two separate events on Monday 30 October at the Cardinal Knox Centre.

A nationwide program to prepare young Australian Catholics for one of the biggest international events in Sydney in 2008 is being launched across Sydney’s Catholic secondary schools on Tuesday 24 October.

Message of good will to the Muslim community to mark the end of Ramadan

ImageMedia Release: 20 October 2006

The President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Philip Wilson has sent his best wishes to Australia’s Islamic community ahead of the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Ramadan will draw to a close early this week with the Feast of Id al-Fitr.

Archbishop Wilson joined his best wishes with those of the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Cardinal Paul Poupard, who issued a statement from the Vatican entitled: "Christians and Muslims: in confident dialogue aimed at solving together the challenges of our world."  

Visit of Adult Stem Cell and Cancer Cell Biologist James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D.

ImageOctober 9-11, 2006

A leading researcher in adult stem cells, Dr James Sherley was in Melbourne at the end of last week for a public lecture and meetings.  Sherley is Associate Professor of Biological Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In his Melbourne lecture, he emphasised that fundamental and insurmountable biological obstacles will prevent embryonic stem cells from ever being used for development of diseases therapies or in the study of human disease processes in adults or children. This is because embryonic stem cells lack a fundamental requirement for restoration and repair of adult tissues and organs.