Peruvian Festival

Peruvian Festival

Media Release: 15 September 2006Empanadas will vie with the meat pie on Grand Final Weekend in Federation Square as the Peruvian community celebrates its culture and art with the 2006 Peruvian festival. Pan pipes, thrumming guitars, steaming empanadas, brightly coloured rugs, dramatic felt hats and alpacas are the common icons of Peru, but the 2006 Peruvian Festival in Melbourne will also illustrate the side of Peru that is less well known. Organised by the artist collective Sorelli and Friends, Caritas Australia and the Melbourne Peruvian community, the Peruvian Festival will feature a...

Coincidence of Joy - Melbourne, Iraq and Rome

ImageFather Denton, Vocations Director with the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne said today that he shared the joy of Melbourne’s Chaldean Community at the release of Fr Saad Sirop Hanna.

Fr Saad was kidnapped on 15 August in Baghdad just after celebrating Mass at St Jacob's parish in Dora, Baghdad, for the feast of the Assumption. His car was stopped and Father Saad was bundled into another car by three masked kidnappers. When he was not freed after twenty-four hours everyone became very alarmed. Previously, there had been priests abducted for ransom in Iraq but they had always been set free early on.

World Youth Day announces first national tour

ImageMedia Release: 13 September 2006 

World Youth Day 2008 today announced the first of its National Tours, with World Youth Day speaker Bishop James Wingle coming to Australia next month.

A program of National Tours is scheduled up to July 2008 as part of Activ8, WYD08’s program of pastoral preparation for the largest Catholic youth event ever organised in Australia.

Award-winning American sociologist to talk about emerging trends in the Church

Media Release: September 06, 2006.

Dean Hoge, well-known sociologist from the Catholic University of America, will visit Australia in October.
Professor Hoge has spent three decades researching American religion, producing 16 books and 100 scholarly articles. In 2003, he won the Father Louis J. Luzbetak Award from the National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood.

Uganda ceasefire: "A hugely positive step for Uganda and Africa"

Media Release: August 30, 2006

Caritas Australia, a long time supporter of a sustainable resolution to the conflict in Uganda, has welcomed the three week ceasefire between the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda, announced on Saturday 26th August and that came into effect yesterday (29th August).