Men, Women and the Mystery of Love

Tuesday 11 November 2014
By Natasha Marsh, Kairos Catholic Journal
WHILE I was reading Edward Sri’s Men, Women and the Mystery of Love I was twice interrupted by enthusiastic fans of Sri’s work, telling me that they owned the book, and how much they had enjoyed it. Now that I have read it, I happily join their number.

In his book, Sri provides an accessible account of St John Paul II’s lesser known work Love and Responsibility (1960). Written by the young Fr Karol Wojtyla, Love and Responsibility is a prophetic answer to a modern world that describes human (read ‘romantic’) relationships in terms of ‘personal pleasure’ and ‘use’.

Writing in post-war Poland, Wojtyla was vociferous against the ‘dehumanising’ regimes of communism and Nazism. In this way, Love and Responsibility is also a defence of the dignity of the human person. It is an amazing book—well worth the read—but often the power of Love and Responsibility is lost by Wojtyla’s use of complex philosophical language.

Over 12 easy-to-read chapters, Men, Women and the Mystery of Love is a guide to the main points of Love and Responsibility.

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