Illuminating the Word

Illuminating the Word

Volume 17, Issue 7 

The Saint John’s Bible: Gospels and Acts
Donald Jackson, John Garratt Publishing, $120, hardcover, 135 pages.

IN CENTURIES PAST, A VITAL function of the Christian monasteries, particularly those of the Benedictine tradition, was the preservation of knowledge, especially in the form of books. Until the invention of the printing press, books were handwritten, and the most important were also illustrated by hand. Even to this day illuminated works such as the Book of Kells are cherished as works of art.

Intense experience

Volume 17, Issue 8 

Starring Shane Bourne and William McInness. Directed by Alister Grierson. Rated M. 95 mins.

KOKODA IS A NEW AUSTRALIAN war film set in Papua New Guinea on the Kokoda Trail or Track. It follows the experiences and struggle for survival of one small squad of volunteer soldiers, poorly armed, and with little training and not much hope. They’re cut off from the main force, and they’re trying to survive.

Reading movies

Volume 17, Issue 8

Movies that Matter: Reading Film through the Lens of Faith
Richard Leonard SJ, Loyola Press, $32.95, 197 pages

THIS BOOK SUGGESTS A WAY of ‘reading’ movies as Christian believers. It does so through the general guidelines proposed in the introduction and the author’s religious take on fifty significant movies.

The author is an Australian Jesuit, film critic and director of the Australian Catholic Film Office. His reviews have appeared regularly in Kairos in recent years. He is Fr Richard Leonard SJ.

Time out for prayer

ImageVolume 17, Issue 5 

Sanctuary: Where Heaven Touches Earth
Trisha Watts & Gabrielle Lord, Willow Publishing
Book: $29.95, 227 pages
CD: $29.95

THIS AUSTRALIAN RESOURCE for prayer grew out of a monthly gathering in inner-city Sydney. Those involved in the ‘Time Out’ group sought out space within their busy lives for prayer, silence, meditation and song. Two of the contributors to the group were Trisha Watts and Gabrielle Lord, and they have compiled this volume.

What makes a life great?

ImageVolume 17, Issue 6

Universal Wisdom
Brett Kelly, Clown Publishing, $44.95, hardcover, 269 pages

IN 1997, AT THE AGE OF 22, Brett Kelly found himself sacked from his job in merchant banking. As a result, Kelly began pondering what it is that makes some people successful. Showing remarkable resilience and gumption, he set about personally interviewing prominent Australians about success and achievement.