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Did saints ever doubt? Author Fr Michel Remery answers questions about God

Friday 6 December 2019

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For many people across the world, trying to understand faith and the mystery of God can be difficult. People young and old have questions.

• In such a busy world, how can you take time for God?
• With all these scandals in the Church, how can you trust God?
• What does it mean to be a saint?
• Did any saints doubt God?

Dutch priest and author of Tweeting with God Fr Michel Remery, has the answers to these and many more in his new publication, Online with Saints, released in conjunction with a new app for iOS and Android.

In the book Online with Saints, each page features a question about modern life and an answer related to the life experience of one or more saints.

Readers are helped to grow in their faith and to learn about God through the experiences, challenges, and failures of some of history’s best-known saints.

Before writing these books, Fr Michel found that often, young people have the same questions about God and faith and that too often, these questions are not taken seriously. Tweeting with God was written to answer the young people’s questions about God in 140 characters or less—the same as the average tweet. ‘We want to give brief answers to deep questions,’ Fr Michel says.
We spoke to Fr Michel about his book. 

Online with Saints was launched this week and is currently available for purchase here

You can follow Fr Michel on social media to ask any questions of your own.
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