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Caritas launch Project Compassion at St Monica’s College

Wednesday 6 March 2019

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More than 200 students from schools throughout the Melbourne Archdiocese, gathered at St Monica’s College in Epping to launch the Melbourne chapter of Caritas’ Project Compassion.

This year, the annual Lenten fundraiser focuses on six different causes throughout Lent. To kick-start week one, students sitting inside St Monica’s auditorium watched a video featuring a Zimbabwean girl named Thandolwayo.

She demonstrated how fundraising and community empowerment had changed the lives of her town in northwest Zimbabwe where accessing clean water had recently been made possible through collaborative work with Caritas.

Archbishop Peter A. Comonsoli addressed the young audience and spoke of the value of hope, remarking that ‘hope is something that is possible.’
‘Hope isn’t me wanting Essendon to win the flag this year, that’s optimism,’ Archbishop Peter explained. ‘Hope is something different. To hope for something involves us taking action and take action to help the future of others.’

‘I want to encourage you all to continue to be great, hopeful people that can bring the gift of hope for others as well,’ he added.

Georgia Triantafilopoulis, St Monica’s Social Justice Captain, said the stories and messages of Project Compassion were a unique experience to learn the lives and situations of people less fortunate.

‘Project Compassion builds resilience and helps us to know our place in society. It ensures we have a positive attitude and allows students to understand how lucky we are to live in Australia.’
Georgia also pointed to Thandolwayo’s story, adding that seeing a young girl of a similar age to many of the students present at the Project Compassion launch was inspiring.

‘It makes a huge difference to see and hear from people who benefit from this initiative. Some of the young people in the video pieces we’ve seen are my age, experiencing similar things to me and that is powerful to see,’ she said.

To learn more about Caritas’ Project Compassion, visit the website.
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