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Into the Deep: Lenten reflections

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Communications Office

These weekly reflections are provided as an opportunity to clear some time and space from distractions this Lent and go deeper: deeper into the paschal mystery, deeper into relationship with God, deeper into truth and life.
We live in a world that often prioritises the ephemeral and the superficial over more meaningful and enduring values. Countless distractions keep us from candid self-examination or quiet contemplation. In Lent, we are invited to turn away from all that distracts us and to reorient ourselves towards God; to examine and reintegrate our lives by focusing on divine rather than human priorities; to plunge into the deep, restorative waters of God’s love and mercy. And we are offered beautiful, ancient tools to help us enter into this gracious season of reflection and preparation—tools of prayerfulness, simplicity and generosity.

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