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Letter from Tanzania

Friday 24 June 201122-11-letter-pg27

By Fiona Basile

It is not every day that Kairos Catholic Journal receives a hand-written letter of thanks and support from distant lands. So, when one such letter arrived from Fr Alkado Pesambili, a Catholic priest in Sumbawanga Diocese in south-west Tanzania, we thought this an opportune time to acknowledge his enthusiasm and encouragement, and to share his work with our readers.

Fr Alkado was ordained last year and works as assistant priest at St Anthony’s parish in Namanyere, in the south-west of Tanzania along Lake Tanganyika in East Africa.

He informed us that Sumbawanga Diocese consists of about 45,000 people and is made up of 19 parishes – his parish of St Anthony’s includes 20 ‘outstations’ spread over 4000 square kilometres.

Fr Alkado wrote: “Most of the faithful living in the diocese are small peasants and small-scale business men and women.

“The people are thirsty for peace of mind, gender equality, human rights and environmental conversations. These are hard to quench due to economic situations, political situations and government policies in many of the African countries, including mine. What then rules our preaching is hope – hope of the better future. I thank you so much for what you do in evangelising activities through your lovely journal. You are evangelising not only in the Archdiocese of Melbourne but also here in Africa.

“It is God who calls a person. He calls any whom he wants regardless of his/her status, race or nationality. God calls people to work in his field among his flocks, who are scattered all over the world.”

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