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Sacred Heart Mission and CDF join for a hot soup fundraiser

Friday 14 June 2019

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Above: Shane Healy and Sacred Heart Mission's Catherine Harris
To celebrate the founder of Catholic Development Fund Fr James ‘Jim’ Wall’s 100th birthday, the organization held a hot and hearty soup and bread roll lunch, combining their celebration to support Sacred Heart Mission’s ‘Dine with Heart’ fundraising appeal for June.
General Manager of Business Development fro Sacred Heart Mission Catherine Harris spoke to attendees about the work of Sacred Heart around the renewal of their Grey Street precinct, of which CDF is a funding partner.

‘Sacred Heart Mission has been around for 35 years and every day of that 35 years we have served homelessness and social isolation,’ she said. The charity serves approximately 400 meals a day, sheddings light on the challenges faced by the many volunteers who are responsible for facilitating and spreading the food well across the significant number of mouths to feed.
‘The meal is just the beginning of the work we do at Sacred Heart Mission,’ Catherine explained. ‘There are social workers walking around and talking to people, they’re getting to build a trusting relationship with some very vulnerable people who have often got quite a lot happening in their lives’.

‘Over the past three years, CDF has been absolutely critical to the work that we do,’ said Catherine. ‘We literally would not be able to facilitate the renewal of our Grey Street precinct without you.’

‘Your bravery to help us make that happen means a whole lot more accommodation for people in the community who are not welcome anywhere else,’ she said.
Catherine outlined plans to increase the capacity of the Sacred Heart women’s house and the support provided for vulnerable women, before speaking about the impact that CDF has made on Sacred Heart Mission’s work.

‘That relationship with your team is so important to us and we just want to thank you for the work that you do. You probably don’t know the impact that you have, but you are literally housing people, changing people’s lives and feeding people by just coming to work every day.’
An opportunity to donate to Sacred Heart Mission was provided with a new tap-and-go device, the first of its kind used for such an event. Every dollar donated will be equally matched by CDF.

To find out more about how you can assist Sacred Heart Mission’s fundraising appeal, head to
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