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What’s the world’s greatest solvable problem?

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Media and Communications Office

Answer: hunger.

So says, Simon Costa, who visited the Archdiocese today and spoke with Shane Healy, Director of Media and Communications. For the past four years, Simon has been working for the United Nations 'World Food Programme', the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting global hunger.

Simon speaks about the work that he has been undertaking for the past four years in Sub-Saharan Africa, where as much as half the food produced each year goes uneaten. Yet, hunger and malnutrition are widespread and over a billion people are starving.

One in every four people is undernourished.

And nearly one in every two deaths in children under five is hunger related. 

Simon asks why more isn't being done to preserve crop production in developing countries. This question forms the basis of Eradicating the World’s Greatest Solvable Problem, his report produced for the UN.

In an interview tinged with hope for the future and a keen eye for education and logistics, Simon reveals the enormous depth of the problem and what’s being done about it.

Watch the interview below.

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