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Young men gather to support the next Camino pilgrimage

Monday 25 February 2019

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A group of young men were joined by Archbishop Peter A Comensoli for a barbeque this weekend at the Holy Family Church presbytery in Mount Waverley. 
Organised by Fr Nicholas Pearce, the night was held in a lead up to this year’s pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago which is offered to Catholic young men of Melbourne by the Catholic Vocations Office.

The night was attended both by those who had joined the pilgrimage previously and those considering joining the journey.

The pilgrimage is aimed at young men who are discerning their vocation in life, including both priesthood and marriage.

 Pictured above: 29-year-old 4th-year seminarian Matthew
‘When I was invited to walk the Camino back in December 2014, I was overseas at the time, I was going through quite a stressful period at work and I was in need of a holiday,’ said Matthew, a 29-year-old in his fourth year at the seminary. 
‘I was contacted by Fr Nick who asked if I wanted to walk the pilgrimage and I thought to myself well this would be a great opportunity for some nice Spanish food and to go for a bit of a walk and see the countryside of Spain so a couple of weeks,’ 

‘It gave me the opportunity to assess where I was going in life and to ponder the potential call from God to the priesthood,’ he explained.

Pictured above: 27 year-old Vince
Twenty-seven-year-old Vince who is recently married also recommends the Spanish pilgrimage.

‘I did the Camino in 2017, I was engaged to my fiancé and now wife at the time so it was a bit of preparation for marriage for me,’ he said.

‘It’s definitely a trip I would recommend to any person for whatever reason, whether they’re discerning their vocation or whether they’re vocations already decided. Either way, it’s a great journey.’

This year’s trip will be marked with a special honour for the men who choose to join the journey as Archbishop Comensoli will be taking this year’s group to Rome where he’ll be receiving his Pallium.

 Pictured left to right: Fr Francis Denton, Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli and Fr Nicholas Pearce
‘Pilgrimages are great things which we can be together in friendship and just having a great time together but also in friendship and companionship with the Lord,’ said Archbishop Comensoli.

‘I encourage anything that you can do to support the ones that are going, particularly in prayer but in other ways as well, but also to make the Camino with them spiritually.’

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