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Living stones: Designing the churches of tomorrow

Thursday 31 January 2019

Toby Ward  
Every church is different. Each space holds a unique reverence and an inimitable history. From the world’s oldest places of worship to its newest, God exists in all. To further understand the fabric of the buildings designed for Catholic worship, the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Board and ACU will welcome architects, historians, parishioners, liturgists, designers and theology students to a symposium at ACU St Patrick’s Campus in February to learn more about the walls that hear our prayers and the journey our churches have taken to become what they are today. Keynote speaker Fr Richard Vosko, a priest in the Diocese of Albany, USA, is a member of the Albany Diocesan Architecture and Building Commission as well as a liturgical design consultant. Fr Vosko has been central to the redesign and renovations of countless churches in the USA. As the symposium draws closer, he took the time to speak to Melbourne Catholic. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics and Australia Day

Saturday 26 January 2019

Sherry Balcombe, Co-ordinator Aboriginal Catholic Ministry
The 26th of January 1788 was not a day of celebration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people nor was it for the passengers upon the first fleet – a mix of prisoners and military personnel. Perhaps it is time that we rethink the date upon which our Nation comes together as one to recognise and acknowledge the gifts that God has provided in our great southern land.

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