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Project Compassion 2019 – the Melbourne result for 100% Hope

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Deacon Jim Curtain, Caritas Australia Diocesan Director
This year the Catholic community of Melbourne donated $1,528,032 to Project Compassion to support Caritas Australia’s work with the poorest of the poor. Caritas Australia wishes to thank everyone for their outstanding generosity as we are all doing the work of Christ.
The Catholic community of Melbourne has again shown it takes very seriously our vocation to do the work of Jesus the Christ in the world today. As Our Lord came to bring good news to the poor, so does our church today bring good news to the poorest of the poor.
Through parishes, schools and individual contributions, you all donated $1,528,032 dollars to the appeal – a major contribution to supporting people in need in the many places where Caritas Australia supports programs. Across Australia, the appeal raised $10.8 million dollars, money that enables programs that give people hope, hope that by their own hard work they can escape grinding poverty, and build a better life for their families and communities.
Since the end of the Project Compassion 2019 campaign, Caritas Australia has continued, with your generous help, to provide assistance to areas hit by disasters and ongoing developmental work.
Again, thanks for your help in enabling Caritas Australia to be the gospel in action.
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