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Many excellent devotional applications and websites are available to support and deepen the devotional and prayer life of those unable to attend Mass in person (as well as those who can). We've listed some sites, apps, and podcasts that we find most helpful. 
Devotional sites and apps  
This daily reflection app is produced by the Redemptorists, Australia, New Zealand and Samoa
 These brief but thoughtful virtual ‘retreats’ are based on the lectionary and are produced by Loyola Press, a ministry of the Jesuits in the United States.
They are available online or as an app on your phone.
3. Sacred Space:
The Irish Jesuits have been producing the popular Sacred Space daily prayers and reflections for more than twenty years, and they are now available as a convenient phone app.
4. Pray as You Go:
Based on Ignatian spirituality, and incorporating music, Scripture from the Lectionary and prayer prompts, this audio app is designed to provide ‘a framework for your own prayer’.
5. Universalis:
This is a useful subscription-based liturgy app for those who want to follow the daily liturgy during a streamed Mass or to pray the hours as part of their personal devotions.
6. Magnificat Magazine:
A spiritual guide to help you develop your prayer life, grow in your spiritual life, find a way to a more profound love for Christ, and participate in the holy Mass with greater fervor. Magnificat is currently offering complimentary access to the online version of its prayer book, including the daily liturgy, saint of the day, spiritual reflections and prayers. 
Faith-forming podcasts
1. Do something beautiful: Leah Darrow podcast
Leah Darrow, former model and contestant on America's Next Top Model, draws on her experience in the beauty industry to expose the lies we are told about our worth being tied to our appearance and instead invites us to look again at the real meaning of beauty in service to mankind.
Latest episode: “Helping Women Overcome Pornography (with Kelsey Skoch)”
When to listen: If you want it all! Topics ranging from dating to ethical issues, interviews with sports stars, pro-life advocates, Monday motivation, marriage, Theology of the Body with Christopher West, the saints, understanding autism and homelessness! It’s the all-rounder Catholic podcast for everyday inspiration and encouragement to live the faith in an everyday way. 

2. UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry: Fr Mike Schmitz podcast
Homilies preached by Fr Michael Schmitz, Chaplain for the University of Minnesota-Duluth Catholic Campus Ministry.
Latest episode: “Insecure: Not Home”
When to listen: If you want to hear the Sunday readings broken open in a relevant and raw way. This podcast will feed your personal faith life, engage you in the scriptures and respond to the gospel in a real-life way. Fr Mike Schmitz has a true gift of connecting faith to life. He’s also super engaging and will take you on a journey, whether you’re listening from home, your car, on the treadmill or whilst you’re out and about!

3. Pints with Aquinas: Matt Fradd podcast
If you could sit down with St Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be? Every episode of Pints With Aquinas revolves around a question, a question that St. Thomas addresses in his most famous work, The Summa Theologica. So get your geek on, pull up a barstool, and grab a cold one. 
Latest episode: “203: Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction: w/ Dr. Gerry Crete”
When to listen: If you’re in search of some hearty (and witty) philosophical conversations that engage deeply with Catholic beliefs. This podcast hosts solid conversations around Catholic apologetics, engages with real-life, modern faith questions and offers easy-access into the philosophical treasures of St Thomas Aquinas’s works. 

4. Catholic influencers podcast 
Fr Rob Galea and Danii Sullivan host weekly conversations with Catholic influencers to help Catholics go deeper and further in influencing our world for Jesus
Latest episode: “The Shepherd and the Gate”
When to listenIf you want to deep-dive into the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading. Discussions draw upon knowledge from biblical commentaries and personal stories in order to illuminate the gospel readings in refreshing ways. This podcast is an excellent resource to help prepare your heart and mind for Sunday Mass and you’ll no doubt take many “gems” from it into your own personal faith journey

5. Divine renovation podcast
The Divine Renovation Podcast seeks to inspire and equip parishes to move from maintenance to mission. Join Fr James, Dan O'Rourke, Ron Huntley and guests as they take a deep look at the three keys of parish renewal; the primacy of evangelisation, the best of leadership principles, and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Latest podcast: “Is Online Church Still Church?”
When to listenIf you’re interested in seeing your parish, community and fellow believers come alive in the faith. The “DR” podcast hosts passionate and honest chats, encouraging us to get real with where our church community is at, to vision big in the ways that we can grow in our leadership, personal faith, skills set and community in order to move our parishes from “maintenance to mission”.

6. The Word on Fire show
Join Bishop Robert Barron for a weekly podcast on faith and culture.
Latest podcast: "Was the Nuclear Family a Mistake?"
When to listenIf you’re looking for an Informed, thought-provoking, reliable explanation of all things faith. Bishop Barron engages with even the toughest questions and realities that believers are confronted with today. He leaves “no stone unturned” and gives a deeply insightful explanation into how to navigate, understand and respond to some of the tougher realities and questions of today. 

7. Ask Father Josh 
Ask Fr Josh is the podcast where a millennial priest from Baton Rouge, Fr Josh Johnson, helps listeners navigate the tricky times in life. 
Latest episode: "Soul Ties, Suffering Well and Reception of the Soul"
When to listenIf you’re one of the many looking for guidance in your real, everyday questions and dilemmas. Fr Josh shares from what he’s learned during his time as a priest, pastor, and friend as he answers real-life questions ranging from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relationship advice. This podcast is heartening and encouraging and steps into the “grey areas” of Christian living.
8. Audio Divina
Audio Divina is a Lectio Divina inspired podcast that features high-quality, meticulously researched reflections provided by world-renowned biblical scholar Rev. Professor Francis J. Moloney SDB AM. It is updated every Wednesday with content related to the following Sunday's gospel.
Latest episode: "I Am the Gate!"
When to listen: If you're looking for something to help bring the sacred texts alive through a medium that is easily accessible to all ages in the modern world. The podcast is a fantastic resource to those who are studying or simply hunger for the gift that comes from listening and understanding the Word of God. They are available to listen to and download from
9. Pray as you go  
Pray as you go offers a daily Lectio Divina meditation on one of the daily readings. Each episode features music, a reading for the day and a reflection question to ponder.
Latest episode: Updated daily
When to listen: Announcing feasts and readings of the day, along with handy prayer downloads, Pray-As-You-Go is a great go-to for those who need a bit of solace in their day and look for peaceful one-on-one time with Christ.
10. Catholic stuff you should know
Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI when he asked young people to use new technology for evangelization, this podcast was created by four priests to share ‘lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics’.
Latest episode: ”I Do, With the Help of God"
When to listen: If it’s friendship and faith that you are after, then Catholic Stuff You Should Know is for you. Listen from the very first episode for a true sense of the in-jokes and running themes and to delve into these four priest’s infectious fascination for all things Catholica.
11. The Catholic hipster 
Hosted by Tommy Tighe of The Catholic Hipster blog and Sarah Vabulas from The Catholic Drinkie, the duo talk about being ‘Catholic Hipsters’ or rather what it’s like to be a real-life Catholic in a secular world.
Latest episode: “Your Priest Said What?”
When to listen: If you’re a fan of laid-back humour and banter about daily news, then you’ll appreciate this series. Each episode explores a different theme and includes interviews with prominent and not-so-prominent Catholics ranging from book authors to Rosary makers where they discuss topics that everyday Catholics can relate to and enjoy.
12. Catholic inspiration
Priest of the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, Fr Andrew Ricci offers podcasts of homilies to inspire the hearts of his listeners and talks from a pastoral setting.
Latest episode: Daily Mass updated every day.
When to listen: If you enjoy attending Mass every day or have always wanted to carve out that space of time in your day for attendance, this is a great opportunity. In these podcasts, Fr Andrew offers a Homily daily with inspiring reflections to uplift your heart, mind, and spirit.
13. Catholic: Under the hood
Hosted by Fransiscan monk Fr Seraphim Beshoner, TOR, the series explores a variety of topics around the Pope, the Bible, Catholic spirituality, theology and history.
Latest episode: “A History of the Catholic Church – The Rule of Benedict”
When to listen: Are you a bit of a Catholic history buff? Then this might be your cup of tea. Sit down, relax and settle in for this informative series that covers aspects of history in our Church, from the struggles faced by the Church facing pagan culture in the 4th and 5th centuries to developments in monastery spirituality.
14. The Fr Mike Schmitz podcast
Fr Mike explores Faith and pop culture alongside headline reflections and answers the most asked questions about priests and priesthood – according to the internet. These are micro episodes of less than ten minutes. Good for the time-poor. 
Latest episode: “How to Deal with Your Partner's Sexual Sin”
When to listen: If you’re after quick snippets of Catholic inspiration while working from home, Fr Mike offers morsels of information in succinct, bite-size proportions that are easy to reflect upon, regarding topics such as how to stay strong in various facets of life and how to live for others during Lent. In a simple and digestible style, he explains how listeners can actively practice Catholic values and mindset in everyday situations.
15. Discerning hearts Catholic
Based in the Archdiocese of Omaha and hosted by Fr Timothy Gallagher, the Discerning Hearts Catholic podcasts zero-in on topics such as Spirituality, Spiritual Direction, Prayer, Discernment of Spirits and Catholic Social Teaching.
Latest episode: “The Workings of the Holy Spirit”
When to listen: Consider this to be your ultimate archive of spiritual podcasts. With an extensive cache of episodes on offer, you can set off on your spiritual journey exploring topics such as ‘How to Pray with the Bible’, living Faith in the World, Spiritual Formation, Sacred Scripture and much more. 
If you have any resources you’ve found helpful, let us know by emailing  
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