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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Communications Office
While we collectively practise stronger measures of social-distancing, there are still ways to connect with our faith online. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing a shortlist of online resources to keep you connected and inspired in your faith. Here are several we found particularly useful for growing your faith at home.

1. Formed
Formed could well be described as the Catholic answer to Netflix. With a goal to support ‘an authentic Catholic lifestyle’ it offers a variety of resources which include a selection of the best Catholic movies, children’s programming, audio dramas, Bible Studies, sacramental prep materials, documentaries and books to help you grown in understanding of your faith.

2. My Catholic Faith Delivered
Catering to the needs of individuals, dioceses, parishes and home-school groups, MCFD offers a range of interactive online courses to build your knowledge of your Catholic faith that’s self-paced. Topics include Foundations, Catechesis 101 and Scripture.

3. Busted Halo
Run by the Paulist Fathers, Busted Halo caters to Catholics with a vision to provide a joyful and meaningful expression of Catholicism through articles, videos, podcasts, radio and social media. An effective resource for meeting other Catholics, wherever they are in their faith journey.

4. Word on Fire
Offering a wide range of content from Daily Mass online, videos, homilies, lectures, study programs, podcasts and more, Word on Fire is founded by Bishop Robert Barron who is an acclaimed author, speaker and theologian. This online resource exists to draw people into the Body of Christ and give them access to the gifts Jesus wants them to enjoy.

5. Lifelong Faith
A service of Lifelong Faith Associates, this online resource offers faith formation tools across generations and caters to families, with journal collections, books, projects you can assist your parish community with and more.

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