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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Mission Team

Holy Week holds a very special place in the hearts of all Christians – it is a week that taps into the deepest elements of our faith in Jesus – his death and resurrection. As we head into our journey through this Holy Week in 2020 it will be unlike any other Easter we have or likely will again experience. For many of us it will be our first Easter Triduum without the richness of the beautiful liturgies that we experience gathered as a community of faith in our parishes. We will rightly mourn what is lost as we stay at home in order to keep everyone safe.

Yet, this can also be an opportunity to journey more intentionally as a domestic church through Holy Week. As we gather in our home – with those we live with or individually – we are gathered as domestic church.

A Penitential Liturgy 
The sacrament of penance is usually embraced as a fitting conclusion to the penitential season of Lent. With the usual parish gatherings for the Second Rite of Penance (communal prayer and individual absolution) being cancelled, and with no published times of the First Rite (individual reconciliation)—the celebration of reconciliation has not been possible for most. We offer this opportunity to come together in prayer, in and through the Holy Spirit, to experience Jesus’ ministry of healing and salvation. This liturgy is not an alternative to the sacrament but does include the key components of the celebration of reconciliation.
Holy Week @ Home: Easter Triduum

The following resources are offered as a way to both spiritually and practically journey through the Easter Triduum in a variety of domestic church settings: for adults, for young adults and for families with young children. Each resource pack contains a guided reflection for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday:
A series of videos has also been prepared as part of the Holy Week @ Home resource for young adults:
WATCH LIVE: Tune in to the Holy Week liturgies online or on TV
As well as utilising the resources above, we invite you to come together in your households and families to participate in the various Holy Week liturgies by viewing them on TV or online. You may like to contact your parish to see if any of the parish liturgies will be live streamed. Additionally, the liturgies at St Patrick's Cathedral will be televised on C31 (digital channel 44) and live streamed on our website.
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