Mass at Saint Justin’s Church, Wheelers Hill

Celebrated by Archbishop Denis Hart
on Friday, 6th December, 2002, at 9.30am


My dear Friends,

I am delighted to be with Father Michael and yourselves as we celebrate this Mass in the season of Advent.

We want Jesus to come into our hearts. We want to learn of him and to follow him. The blessing of our new school library after Mass will help that learning.

As we call to mind our sins, let us ask the Lord that he will protect us from all dangers and lead us to be saved.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have just read the story of the blind people coming to Jesus and finding that their sight was restored. Notice the question that Jesus asks the blind men. “Do you believe I can do this?” And they said, “Yes, Jesus, we do.”

Advent is a time when we do two things. We prepare to look at our life so that at the end, when Jesus comes as our judge, we will have led a holy life and have shown Jesus’ way to others. This is why learning our religion in Saint Justin’s school and parish is something that we try and do constantly. Secondly, we remember that we are getting ready yet again to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so that he will come into our hearts and find us ready and waiting to welcome him.

The two blind men in the Gospel story believed that Jesus could help them, and he did. Today, as we come to the end of another school year, we too need to believe that Jesus is able to help us, to remember the things that we have learned and to be aware that our journey has to continue over the holidays and into the new year when we will be in a new class.

For the parishioners of course, it is another year of loving and serving God and Advent is a wonderful meeting with Jesus that shows us that if we believe in him and if we walk his way, then we will achieve great things for him.

Just last year Pope John Paul wrote to us all and said, “Begin again with Jesus. Become holy through prayer and then launch out into the deep of serving him.” Believing in Jesus as a real person is so important because it shows us what we can become.

I believe that Jesus walks with me at every moment and stays in me through his Holy Spirit. My prayer for each of us today is that we will believe in Jesus, be ready to learn and put our very best effort into growing in the way that Jesus wants.

I would like to thank Father Michael, Mr. Dickinson and all of the teachers, who help our young people, for yet another year. The holiday time soon to come will be filled with rest so that we will all be fresh for a New Year.

In the rush of getting ready for Christmas, I believe it is important for each of us to say a special prayer each day, “Come, Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Yes, Jesus, I believe that you are God. Yes, Jesus, I believe that you can help me to do great things if I keep close to you.” And to try and promise Jesus that we will be faithful and follow him. We want Jesus to give light to our eyes, so that we will see and help us to judge wisely the things around us on earth, selecting those which are good and which lead to heaven.

May the Lord bless you and strengthen you for the special work that you do, as together we thank God for all that he has given us on this precious day.

+ Denis J. Hart,
Archbishop of Melbourne.
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