Our San Damiano moment: Archbishop Timothy Costello SDB reflects on... Our San Damiano moment: Archbishop Timothy Costello SDB reflects on...

Our San Damiano moment: Archbishop Timothy Costello SDB reflects on...

Friday 28 August 2020

Communications Office
The last six months of the Plenary Council Journey has required many unplanned changes due to COVID-19. What hasn’t changed though, is the heart of the journey – the discernment process. Archbishop Tim Costelloe SDB has written a paper reflecting on the genesis of the Plenary Council, retracing the journey so far and offering insights into the period leading up to the assemblies in 2021 and 2022, as well as the implementation phase beyond.

Mental health in Australia: Bishops release 2020-21 social justice statement

Thursday 27 August 2020

Communications Office and ACBC 
‘Our society tends to push away or draw away from those who confront us with our frailties and limitations. This is not the way of Jesus,’ writes Bishop Terry Brady, the Bishop Delegate for Social Justice on the release of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice Statement for 2020-21, To Live Life to the Full: Mental health in Australia. It was released ahead of the Church’s Social Justice Sunday celebrated on August 30 this year. Given the challenges our country and world are facing due to COVID-19, the issue of mental health is very much front and centre for many people. ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many members of our parishes, schools and communities,’ Bishop Brady says. ‘The personal feelings of anxiety and despair we all share at this time provide an opportunity to become more aware and active in fostering the mental health of all. Understanding mental health will help us to be aware of those who most need our support.’

Social justice Sunday: Managing mental health at VMCH

Thursday 27 August 2020

To mark Social Justice Sunday and the release of Australian Catholic Bishops' social justice statement, VMCH will be sharing the experiences of staff who support the mental health and wellbeing of VMCH clients, including residents in aged care, a person with a disability, or carers looking after a loved one. This week we hear about the experiences of Maria Carnovale, one of their 16 Pastoral Care Practitioners, who has been supporting aged care residents, their families and staff during this challenging time. She shares her tips on caring for your mental health, and for an insight into how our aged care community is coping.  

'Be opened': Meet Auslan interpreter Katrina Mynard

Thursday 27 August 2020

Communications Office

One of the graces of this time of physical isolation has been the opportunity for everyone to gather for Sunday Mass – be it on TV or online. It has also meant a closer collaboration between our Archdiocese and the John Pierce Centre, whose Auslan interpreters have become an onscreen fixture each Sunday at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Over the next few weeks, we’ll get to know our Auslan interpreters Janette Murphy, Katrina Mynard and Teresa Paulet – who’ll each share how they became involved in with JPC and how the deaf community is coping during this time of COVID-19. 

This week we chat with Katrina Mynard, who works as a Pastoral Care Coordinator at the John Pierce Centre and whose affiliation with the JPC community began as a child.