Social justice Sunday: Managing mental health at VMCH Social justice Sunday: Managing mental health at VMCH

Social justice Sunday: Managing mental health at VMCH

Thursday 27 August 2020

VMCH To mark Social Justice Sunday and the release of Australian Catholic Bishops' social justice statement, VMCH will be sharing the experiences of staff who support the mental health and wellbeing of VMCH clients, including residents in aged care, a person with a disability, or carers looking after a loved one. This week we hear about the experiences of Maria Carnovale, one of their 16 Pastoral Care Practitioners, who has been supporting aged care residents, their families and staff during this challenging time. She shares her tips on caring for your mental health, and for...

'Be opened': Meet Auslan interpreter Katrina Mynard

Thursday 27 August 2020

Communications Office

One of the graces of this time of physical isolation has been the opportunity for everyone to gather for Sunday Mass – be it on TV or online. It has also meant a closer collaboration between our Archdiocese and the John Pierce Centre, whose Auslan interpreters have become an onscreen fixture each Sunday at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Over the next few weeks, we’ll get to know our Auslan interpreters Janette Murphy, Katrina Mynard and Teresa Paulet – who’ll each share how they became involved in with JPC and how the deaf community is coping during this time of COVID-19. 

This week we chat with Katrina Mynard, who works as a Pastoral Care Coordinator at the John Pierce Centre and whose affiliation with the JPC community began as a child. 

Standing together to see the light in the darkness

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Communications Office 
As we edge closer to the year’s end, there’s no question 2020 has been a difficult one, full of trying moments taking their toll on communities. Even for those whose families have not been affected directly by Coronavirus, people feel dangerously isolated under Stage 4 restrictions; housebound, lonely and cut off from their communities.
That's why, on the last two days of winter, all Victorians are invited to come together to pray for an end to this pandemic.
  • Sunday 30 August @ 2pm – Standing Together
  • Monday 31 August @ 7pm – Light in the darkness