Mass for the Croatian Community

Mass for the Croatian Community

This evening I am delighted to welcome you to the Cathedral for the annual pilgrimage to venerate the beautiful statue of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, which stands in our cathedral garden. It is a reminder of his heroic witness and of our unity in serving others after the example of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and Blessed Alojzije.

Launch of the Mission Statement of Samaritan College

I remember the vibrancy and enthusiasm of our Mass in the Cathedral last year. I am delighted to be with you this year to launch the Mission Statement of Samaritan College.

The Gospel story of the Good Samaritan underlines the essence of the Catholic tradition. Our school, our parishes and our Church are geared to help people realise a personal meeting and commitment with Jesus Christ, which through personal prayer, teaching and community service, like the Samaritan in the Gospel, reaches to the broadest needs of people, young and old, who come in touch with Samaritan.

Mass at St Francis Xavier's Parish, Montmorency

I am delighted to be with Father Peter and Father Linh and each of you on a visit to the parish, above all to pray with you and for you and to encourage you in the faith, to commission your teachers to the wonderful work, in which so many of us are called to share, of spreading the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to bless the classrooms and hall, which parishioners will use for learning, meetings, recreation and joy.

As we ask for the provident care of God over this fine parish, let us also ask that he will guide us to share in the mission given to each one of us in our parish, our family and our community.

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The opening prayer today is a plea for safety and a warm placing of our hope in God, our heavenly Father.

Our country and our world seem on the brink of being drawn to war in Iraq. Yet in the Gospel Jesus, nourished by prayer, his loving union with his Father, cures Peter‘s mother-in-law and brings hope to the people.

Mass at St Joseph's Parish, Boronia

I am delighted to be with you in St Joseph’s Parish and to conclude my visitation of Boronia and The Basin on this day when we gather to honour the Lord as the centre of our life.

Today’s Gospel which recalls the cure of Peter’s mother-in-law reminds us that every one of us has our weakness and frailty, but the greatest healer in our life is our God. When we are delivered from the grip of illness or suffering or when we come to the Lord with full faith we too must, like the mother-in-law of Peter, consecrate our restored energies to the service of the Lord.