Lend your mind to Lent

Lend your mind to Lent

Traditionally in Australia the period from Christmas to Lent is a time of peace and relaxation. It is a time for holidays and families and preparation for the New Year. This year, however, the annual break has been bittersweet for many.

Jesus offers more than New Age

As we move through Lent, this is a good time to reflect on our Christian faith and all it offers us. Some people claim religion is on the decline. This is not true. Our spiritual hunger is as strong as ever. Today, however, there are many different ‘spiritualities’, sects and cults on the religious-marketplace. To help everyone engaged in pastoral work to understand the ‘New Age’ phenomenon and its differences from Christian faith, the Vatican has produced a document: Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: a Christian reflection on the New Age.

Way of the Cross

The Catechism (2669) reminds us that Christian prayer loves to follow the Way of the Cross. Accompanying Our Lord on his journey of suffering this Lent is a great chance to give meaning and shape to our own journeys towards forgiveness and understanding of the Easter promise.

Mass for Religious

As we anticipate the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, I welcome you to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for this annual Mass for Religious.

Jesus invites us to come from darkness to light, to cast out into the deep as a response to the human drama, which is the victim of hate and death.

Make this year the Year of the Rosary

In this Year of the Rosary there is much to ponder in the five ‘new’ Mysteries the Pope has proposed-the Mysteries of Light. The familiar Joyful Mysteries take us through the birth and infancy of Christ, while the Sorrowful Mysteries recount his suffering and death. At this time of year, poised between Christmas and Easter, we can now turn to the Mysteries of Light, which focus on Christ’s adult life and public ministry.