Funeral Mass of Father John Gerard Brosnan

Funeral Mass of Father John Gerard Brosnan

We, the people of Victoria, families whom he compassionately assisted, staff members, friends, parishioners, brother priests, and leaders of Church and State, are gathered to farewell Father John Brosnan, parish priest, prison chaplain, comforter of those who suffer, our friend for nearly eighty-four years.

We esteem his service given in the Cathedral, Geelong, Collingwood and East Melbourne, followed by thirty years as Chaplain at Pentridge, a brief period at Glen Huntly, and eleven years as parish priest of Surrey Hills before his retirement some days short of five years ago.

New bishop is a cause to celebrate

The Catholic community in Melbourne rejoices this month at the appointment of a new Auxiliary Bishop. Monsignor Christopher Prowse is to be ordained bishop on May 19. He is a bishop for the whole Church, for our Archdiocese, and will work in the Southern Region of the Archdiocese.

"Walk with Mary"

This Sunday in mid Lent reminds us of the most wonderful gift of his Son, that all who believe in Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, might have eternal life.

Today we continue our Lenten journey with Mary who brought us the Saviour, as she followed him to the Cross, that in the Cross we might find the life of grace, which she had from the first beginning. I am delighted to be one with you in this special celebration and to walk to Saint Paul’s Cathedral for evening prayer.

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Many people are asking is there light in the world after September 11th or after Bali? Why such hatred, such bloodshed, such tears? These have been part of the human story. And yet Nicodemus comes by night to Jesus and finds light and he has to live this light by putting the truth into action.

We see the Cross of Christ as the great instrument of light and life and as we call to mind our sins we remember there is room for growth and being made new. If we believe, we can have eternal life.

Mass for the 120th Anniversary of Star of The Sea College, Gardenvale

In the strong commitment to education of the Presentation Sisters and mindful of the deeds of the Sisters for over one hundred years, we are united with Mrs. Rosalie Jones and the present generation of pupils, parents and former scholars of Star of the Sea to offer this Mass of Thanksgiving.

I am indeed honoured to be with you to bring your gifts and prayers of thanksgiving to God, to recognise how important Star of the Sea always has been for the education of young women in our great Archdiocese since its first foundation in 1883.