Mass for the Czech Community

Mass for the Czech Community

I am delighted to join you today for this Mass in honour of Saint Wenceslaus, in which we remember the peoples of the Czech Republic and of Slovakia. I am sure the thoughts of many here turned towards that beautiful part of Europe recently, when the Czech capital of Prague was threatened with serious flooding. At such times when thoughts turn towards families and friends overseas, our Christian faith helps to sustain us, and the prayers of the saints — among whom today we include Saint Wenceslaus — support and guide us.

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Each Sunday as we look at the invitation God gives us to focus our heart and our thoughts on him, we see the value of a change of mind rather than a course of action stubbornly adhered to.

Life’s journey is a constant effort to make God the centre of our life and to make his light flow from our thought, word and deed.

Address by Archbishop Denis Hart to the Guild of St Stephen

It is a great joy to be with you today at your conference. I thank you, and I thank the Diocesan Director, Father Pritchard, for your kind invitation.

I am particularly pleased to offer Holy Mass for Vocations, surrounded by members of the Guild of Saint Stephen. The Church receives many priestly vocations from former altar servers. We pray today that many more will hear the call and come forward to join those who have already entered our seminaries and religious orders.

Address given by Archbishop Denis Hart at a Dinner to Honour Monsignor Thomas Doyle

This evening in paying tribute to Monsignor Tom Doyle as Director of Catholic Education for nearly twenty-three years, it is my privilege to recognise him above all as a priest of God and a man of the Church, whose interests always have been and remained those of our faith.

I hold in high esteem the generous and highly professional service he has rendered in parishes, in formation of priests, and in education, since his ordination on 21st July, 1962. Particularly in recent times I have noted him as a true professional, who could always be counted upon to give reliable objective advice and to place his skills and those of his many collaborators at the service of the Archdiocese.