Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy Week is the focus of our year. Everything in the Church's life leads to this solemn time when we commemorate the sufferings and death of Our Lord. However familiar the liturgies become, we can never exhaust the meaning of the events of our salvation, which they recall.

The Great Feast of Easter

The great Feast of Easter is very different from the Feast of Christmas. The baby, the Holy Family, the difficult early years for the young family are all themes we can easily understand and sympathise with. Easter is different: at Easter Jesus does what is completely outside our everyday experience. He rises from the dead and now lives anew in a way we cannot even begin to grasp. His physical resurrection from the dead is of course a miracle - the greatest of all miracles.

Universal Day of Prayer for Vocations

Every one of us is called by God to lead a holy life. This calling or vocation can come early or late, it can be hard to understand and harder still to follow. But it is God's personal plan for each of us and we are all required to ponder, to pray, and to pursue our vocations. Doing so is God's will and the source of our true happiness.

The Feast of Pentecost

At the Feast of Pentecost we celebrate life in a special way. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the followers of the Risen and Ascended Christ. As we repeat in the Creed each week, this same Holy Spirit is: 'the Lord, the Giver of Life'. The early Christians received new life from God and because of this gift they were able to act and speak in ways they could not before.

Contemplate - Launch Out

Many times in recent months I have found myself thinking or writing about the Pope's great Letter at the dawn of the new millennium, Novo Millennio Ineunte. The Letter is so rich and so relevant to our times and concerns that I decided some time ago to launch a more in-depth focus on the Holy Father's words.