Blessing of the Renewed Church of St Mary's, Hampton

Blessing of the Renewed Church of St Mary's, Hampton

I come with great joy to be united with Father Michael and with yourselves for the blessing of your renewed church and also on my first visit to Hampton since I have been Archbishop.

I admire the energy with which Father Michael and you and the community have set about giving new life and energy to this small but beautiful church. I believe that the renewal of the church will give us all a new perspective of God’s love and life in the year of salvation and give us a new perspective in what keeps us united to him.

Mass for the Indonesian Community

I am delighted to meet with you from the Indonesian community to encourage you and your Chaplains in the living of the faith of Jesus Christ.

Today in the Church we celebrate the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and you and I know well that the living of the faith in modern society is a great invitation to walk the way of the Cross and so to come to newness of life

Mass for the Pupils of the Academy of Mary Immaculate

Today we gather to honour Mary, the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church, and our Mother also. She it was who brought the Saviour to us in limitless and humble love.

Let us ask that we will follow Mary’s example - of recognition of our gifts, humble and generous service, and total openness to the possibilities which God gives us, as we gather with the members of our College to celebrate this Mass.

Charismatic Mass - Epping

I am delighted to visit your Prayer Group to celebrate this Mass, to encourage you in the celebration of the Eucharist and the contemplation of God’s Word, which are the essence of the living of our Christian faith.

Let us ask the Lord, the Giver of Life, the Holy Spirit, that He will enlighten our minds and hearts in this act of praise so that He will guide us on our journey of faith in a hostile world.

Anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attack

A year ago today an unspeakable horror descended upon the world. The barbarism, which brought about the deaths of so many innocent people has cast a shadow upon the lives of people ever since.

In this Mass we pray that the peace willed by Christ for our world will be the basis of all our efforts to reshape the life of our planet.