For the Pilgrims and their Families of the World Youth Day

For the Pilgrims and their Families of the World Youth Day

I rejoice to be with you and your families as we prepare for our great pilgrimage to be with the Holy Father at the World Youth Day in Toronto. We will welcome the Holy Father on Thursday, 25th July. This will be during three days of catechesis and preparation on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the great vigil and celebration on the evening of Saturday, 27th July, and the morning Mass on Sunday, 28th July. I am delighted to be with you, whether those who will join Bishop Deakin in going direct to Toronto or those who have the leisure of a longer time in Guadalupe and Toronto and Lake...

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus gives us a love that transforms us and helps us reach out to others. We are invited to walk in the light of Christ.

Today let us think about our relationship with him and the difference it can make, as we call to mind our sins.

Vigil Mass at St Mary's Church, Castlemaine

I rejoice in being with you at St Mary's as a reminder that you are in the mind and prayers and esteem of the Archbishop.

Together with your parish priest, Father Des Magennis, I offer this Mass for you and for all your intentions.

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Whether we have the reluctance of Jeremiah or the shyness of the apostles, each one of us is invited to be a witness to the power and love of Jesus in human lives.

As we review our lives and remember our sins, let us ask the Lord that he will give us courage which comes from the words of Jesus, "Do not be afraid. I have overcome the world."

Episcopal Ordination of Most Reverend Mark Benedict Coleridge

Together with his mother, Marjorie, and his three brothers and sister, I welcome you to the Ordination of Mark Benedict Coleridge as a Bishop and successor of the Apostles in the Church, which Jesus Christ founded.

His call comes from Christ through the Church and his presence in our parish and communities is a reminder of our union with our brothers and sisters.