Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many of you will be familiar with Jim Hacker of the television programme, ‘Yes, Minister’; how he has completely taken up the role he has to perform and yet totally torn down by a question from his head of department for a laugh from his wife. So many of us can play ridiculous parts as Shakespeare said, “as make the angels weep”, though he did not say whether the weeping came from grief and frustration or from laughter.

Worship Christ the King

The Church dedicates the month of November to prayer for the dead. To pray for our loved ones experiencing the great mercy of Purgatory is the final service we can offer them. This November, more than ever, our thoughts have been with the dead — the dead of Bali and Moscow 2002, the dead of New York 2001. We pray in particular for an end to violence and terror.

Mass to Pray for Rain and for the Victims of Drought

Today we are gathered to pray especially for rain and for the victims of drought in our State of Victoria. The absence of rain has brought a longstanding burden upon our people in the country and is having a financial impact upon the food available to all our communities.

In solidarity as brothers and sisters, with a common love of God and a common humanity, we pray to the Lord, the giver of all good gifts, that he will grant the rain we need that the fruits of the earth may grow and give us what we need for a fruitful life as brothers and sisters.

Mass on the Anniversary of the Dedication of St Patrick's Cathedral

Today we celebrate 105 years since the dedication of our beautiful Cathedral and indeed 5 years since the consecration of the new altar by the late Cardinal John O’Connor of New York.

Our Mass is a moment of thanksgiving for all that a Cathedral means to a Diocese - a centre of worship - a reminder of the transcendent beauty of God - a place of wonder where God’s people gather to celebrate the Mass and to praise God. It is a fountain of grace and life for God’s people throughout the whole of Melbourne.

Mass of Profession of Sister Angela Reed, R.S.M.

Together with the Reed family, Peter, Chris, Father Brendan, Timothy, Gerard, Bernadette and Michael, with Sister Kath Tierney and the Sisters of Mercy, and the parish of Ferntree Gully, the Church of Melbourne rejoices in the Religious Profession of Sister Angela Reed as a Sister of Mercy.

After ten years Angela is ready to make her profession to Christ of chastity, poverty and obedience, according to the Mercy charism. She has received an invitation to live a life in the image of Christ as a special vocation and with the particular gift of the Holy Spirit.