Dedication of Saint Vincent's Church, Strathmore

Dedication of Saint Vincent's Church, Strathmore

This beautiful church has been a place of worship since it was blessed and opened by Archbishop Simonds on Sunday, 7th June, 1959. Since 1927 Mass has been celebrated here. First at the Columban House across the road and since 1936 on this property. Today is an important moment when this church becomes a permanent place of worship. The beautiful ceremonies of dedication indicate that this is truly a place set apart, where the perfect sacrifice of the Mass, the perfect worship of the Sacraments and the prayers of the faithful are united with the preaching of the Word of God to draw God's...

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Today we have the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, the gate through whom we all must pass for salvation. With Jesus as our Lord and our Shepherd we shall not want anything.

Today we pray especially that there may be an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life. May faith-filled young people respond generously to the call of Jesus to share in his work of caring for people and leading them to God.

Mass of Installation of Father Harry Dyer, O.M.I., as Parish Priest of Our Lady's Parish, Sunshine,

I am delighted to return to Sunshine to formally induct Father Harry Dyer as Parish Priest of your parish. Today, the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Church celebrates the Risen Jesus as the Good Shepherd, who has come "that they may have life, and have it to the full". (John 10.10)

I invoke the help and light of the Holy Spirit upon Father Harry and upon you, his people, that together you may work to receive the life which comes from Christ. May the witness of the Risen Christ shine strongly in your local community.


Third Sunday of Easter

Each one of us is invited to join the two disciples on the way to Emmaus where they came to know Jesus in the breaking of bread. Here in the Eucharist the same action is repeated. Our God whose body was broken on the Cross brings the power of his sacrifice to each of us as we journey with him to the Father.

Let us ask for each other this grace, that we may realise the importance of the Mass and its power in our lives, we may be faithful to it and our lives may thereby be made new.

Mass for Jubilees of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

Each of us is deeply honoured in being asked to gather with ten Sisters of Saint Joseph as they thank God for seventy-five, seventy, sixty, fifty or twenty-five years of religious profession according to the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The invitation to poverty, chastity and obedience is a mysterious calling from the Lord which is fruitful in the gifts used to draw people to Christ. The personal search for holiness in the Sisters of Saint Joseph is indeed an act of total self-giving, of response to the invitation of Jesus Christ, and of leadership of others to know and love God.