Talk To A. C. U. First Year Student-Teachers

Talk To A. C. U. First Year Student-Teachers

I am very pleased to have the opportunity of saying a few words to you at this important and exciting time. Student life is a time of joy and friendships, a time for study and for socialising, for learning new skills and building on past achievements. All of this is true, but in a Catholic university there is something more that has to be said also. As students and prospective teachers in Catholic schools this should also be a time for considering and deepening your faith. Each of you must spend time asking what is God's will, what is the role he has in mind for you - is it to teach young...

Second Sunday of Easter

At the end of the great week of Easter we remember that our faith is a precious gift like fire-tried gold. The joy of the early Christians and their having everything in common was a sign of their faith.

Today we are invited, not merely to listen to the Word of God and to celebrate the Eucharist, but to live the Gospel Jesus preached and humbly and generously in our daily life to be examples of God's everlasting love.

Solemn Mass of Easter Sunday

"The Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!" Today, Our Lord, risen from the dead, calls us to newness of life. The grave, suffering and sin are no longer to take possession of us because he reminds us that in our baptism we have received a life imperishable, beyond the grave. We are destined to be with God in heaven and our praise this morning expresses our destiny and our hope. Linked to the joy of the resurrection is the certainty that the trials of this world ultimately are vanquished.

Easter Vigil

We feel very much one with the women who had rushed to the tomb at the break of dawn. They had experienced the tragic events leading up to Our Lord's crucifixion. They had felt the sadness and confusion, which often results in our lives after death. Yet, they had persevered in the Lord. The angel comes to reassure them so effectively, that quickly they ran away to tell the others the good news of the resurrection.

Liturgy of the Passion

Our world has changed. Because of the onslaught of evil last September our grasp on life seems much more fragile. Our priorities have altered. Our search for truth and life continues. Above all, at this time our Saviour comes to bring us hope.

Jesus is nailed to the cross. The whole of his life is directed towards this supreme moment. He has barely managed, gasping and exhausted, to get to the top of that hill. He is stretched out on the ground, the nails pierce his palms and his torn flesh. He is hoisted onto the vertical shaft fixed in the ground.