Opening Address to Thomas More Summer School

Opening Address to Thomas More Summer School

I am delighted to have this opportunity to talk to you for the first time as Archbishop of Melbourne and I do thank you very warmly for your invitation. It is a great encouragement for me to see so many young people here. This Summer School has a fine record in gathering together young Catholics with a will to learn more about their faith and the tradition, which we represent before the world's eyes.

Mass for the Inauguration of Catholic Social Services, Victoria

I rejoice at being united with Bishops Coffey, Connors and Grech and you, my brothers and sisters, from throughout Victoria, with your serving organisations of diocesan origin or coming from a religious charism, who are associated to make Catholic Social Services Victoria.

On your behalf Catholic Social Services will be better able to respond to governments in matters of policy and to serve you in the wide range of initiatives which you take. We respect the individuality and particular gifts that each of you has. All of us coming from the Catholic Church have the inspiration of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as our great Redeemer and Healer, whom we seek to see and serve in those for whom we work.

Annual Red Mass for the Legal Profession

With great joy I welcome distinguished judges, magistrates, administrators, practitioners of the law, barristers, solicitors, members of legal staff and their families to this annual Red Mass.

The exercise of law is always the sincere searching for justice, truth and the promotion of justice and equity for the welfare of our society. It is a service of the greatest importance and of grave responsibility.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Readings today use the words, 'happy the poor in spirit'. We might better use the word 'blessed the poor in spirit' because it is for God's happiness that we are made and for union with him.

Today, we are challenged to realise that everything we have and are is a gift of God, who loves us without limit and invites us to trust that in using these gifts we will find the peace and blessedness which he offers. This must be our gift to the community and world in which we live.

Mass for Consecrated Religious

Together with Simeon and Anna, ever alert to the Holy Spirit and to the power of God's love, we come to celebrate the Feast of Christ, the Light of the World.

I rejoice in being with so many Religious at this Mass because your lives united with Christ, loving His Church and in union with Her, proclaim authentic life to the people of today.  Thank you for your prayer, sacrifice and community witness, which we once again commend to God as we offer this Mass.