Archbishop Peter thanks VMCH staff for Celebration Week

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Communications Office
It may be a time of great risk and difficulty, but it's also a time to celebrate the good work done by the staff of aged care facilities, according to Archbishop Peter's message of encouragement to VMCH. Speaking from St Patrick’s Cathedral, Archbishop Peter filmed a message to encourage the staff of VMCH for their Celebration Week while the city is in lockdown following the outbreak of Covid-19 in Victoria, which has affected people in vulnerable situations and the wider aged care industry.   

The Transfiguration of Jesus

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Andrew Hamilton 

In the Catholic Church the two major feasts of August are the Transfiguration of Jesus and the Assumption of Mary. They are feasts of light, of celebrating a life and world transformed. In the secular calendar, August is also bookended by two days of commemoration: the anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima on the same day as the Feast of the Transfiguration and the International Day against Nuclear Tests. These evoke a brief and terrible light followed by darkness, death and silence. Together, all four commemorations invite us to ask by what light we wish to guide our lives as human beings, as Catholics and as citizens of the world.

CatholicCare reaches out as Victoria enters State of Disaster

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Each year in August CatholicCare celebrates the CatholicCare Sunday Appeal in Catholic parishes throughout Greater Melbourne, Geelong and Gippsland, and like many of our other routines, this too has been impacted by the pandemic. With many parishes in lockdown for the safety and wellbeing of communities, 2020 will mark the first year conducting CatholicCare Sunday Appeal online. The staff of CatholicCare ask that you join in helping to BREAK BARRIERS – this year’s theme – to help families overcome the barriers holding them back, so that they may live life to the full.  

Teaching, healing and nourishing (Homily, 18th Sunday in OT)

Sunday 2 August 2020

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
Friends, note the order in which things unfold for Jesus today. Jesus has heard of the death of his cousin, John the Baptist. This is a moment of grief for him and his disciples. So they look for a place where they can be alone in their sadness. But the people around about find them. Jesus, putting aside his own personal struggles, turns toward their neediness in mercy, and offers himself to them: in teaching, in healing and – miraculously – in nourishing. Note, also, the order in which things unfold for the disciples. Like Jesus, they heard of the tragedy of John’s death, they too experience the ache of grief, and they seek to find the space they need to mourn. Here is where the two stories begin to part.