St Mary’s Melbourne: Take a walk around places significant to Australia’s first saint

Thursday 15 October 2020

Communications Office 
As a child of Melbourne, St Mary MacKillop spent her first 18 years in and around the city in places like Fitzroy, Darebin Creek, Merri Creek, Clunes, Glenroy, Collingwood and Shamrock Street in Richmond. During her time in the city, where did she go? What did she see? To celebrate ten years since St Mary’s canonisation, we list some places Mary frequented around Melbourne. Because cities change over time, it’s hard to imagine Melbourne through Mary’s eyes, but this is a sample of places that would have been familiar to her. Many of these places are located around the north-eastern corner of the city, which in Mary’s time was a slum where many of the poorest people in Melbourne lived. 

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