Standing together to see the light in the darkness Standing together to see the light in the darkness

Standing together to see the light in the darkness

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Communications Office  As we edge closer to the year’s end, there’s no question 2020 has been a difficult one, full of trying moments taking their toll on communities. Even for those whose families have not been affected directly by Coronavirus, people feel dangerously isolated under Stage 4 restrictions; housebound, lonely and cut off from their communities. That's why, on the last two days of winter, all Victorians are invited to come together to pray for an end to this pandemic.Sunday 30 August @ 2pm – Standing TogetherMonday 31 August @ 7pm –...

“Who do you say I am?” (Homily, 21st Sunday in OT)

Sunday 23 August 2020

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

Jesus was on foreign soil when he travelled to Caesarea Philippi, and in more ways than one. Caesarea Philippi was located less than 100kms north of the Sea of Galilee, yet this was a different nation to that of Israel. So, while close to the homeland of Jesus, it was a foreign country for him and his friends. Even more foreign to Jesus was the purpose of Caeasrea Philippi. It was a sacred site, with a temple dedicated to the Greek god, Pan. So, in today’s gospel, we have Jesus travelling to a foreign country, with a foreign religion, to make the point of his own universal kingship. Pan was a god of the natural world, but Jesus is the one true God of all. “Who do you say I am?... You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” It took a foreigner in a foreign land, among foreign beliefs, to show how all can come home.