Alyssa and Georga’s track ’Set Fire’ hits Top Ten

Tuesday 19 March 2019

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‘Set Fire’ is a catchy pop tune with a Catholic message by Melbourne Catholic musicians Alyssa and Georga, and during recent weeks, has hit top 10 in Australia-based Today’s Christian Music (TCM) charts.
The success of the single, released in January this year, caught Alyssa Agius and Georga Byrne by surprise.

‘It’s been absolutely incredible. When we wrote it, we could not have imagined how successful it’s been,’ says Alyssa.
 Image: Omar Parque

This isn't the first time the song has captured the attention of a global audience. The duo performed their song to a wide audience a part of World Youth Day Panama when touring with Fr Rob Galea.

‘We had all that exposure in Panama, the fact that it’s cracked the TCM charts is a blessing we wouldn’t ever have thought would happen,’ she says.

‘We have all these fans in Panama now messaging us…it’s been crazy!’
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Alyssa and Georga’s track has been received well, even outside Catholic and Christian circles.

‘It was a good time when it was released, it was the start of the year, I think it was a new fresh thing,’ explained Georga.

‘Many people in the music industry move towards image and sex appeal to sell music. But in people's feedback, and this is people from outside Church circles, they celebrate the fact that it’s not only a track with a beautiful message, but also that we were just wearing t-shirts and jeans in the film clip.’
 Image: Casco Antiguo

‘We’re not trying to be anyone we’re just being ourselves.’

The songstresses added that they've had feedback among listeners that the song has been a source of inspiration, bridging a gap between Christianity and secularism.

‘We were both kind of nervous putting our faith out there, especially with the way the Church has been seen in the public eye,’ explains Alyssa.

‘But the way that it’s been received by a lot of our atheist and secular friends has just been great. So many girls, secular musos, message us and say how it inspired them. It’s really made us a lot more confident, we can now be a lot more bold about our faith and not be afraid of what people think. I was at a wedding yesterday and the bride came up to me and said, "Alyssa, I don't believe in God but I can see how happy you know this makes you. You’ve changed over the last six months and it’s like a firework has gone off in you"’. 
The girls attribute the catchy tune produced by Luke Batterbury as the ‘hook’ that bridges that gap. ‘It sort of appeals to anybody who listens to it. It’s a feel good song. It's uplifting,’ says Alyssa.

‘We are trying to share the message of hope and light in a world that needs it’, explains Georga.

‘Our faith has given us hope and love, so we want to share that with others. God has a great plan for our lives and if you are who he created you to be you will set the world on fire.'

The transition from secular music to Catholic and Christian music has brought an extra sense of meaning to their lives. ‘Fr Rob’s line was that "God will always out-do us in generosity". So by being really nervous about putting our faith and music career out there in fear of what everyone was going to think, God’s just blessed us a million times,’ says Alyssa.

Alyssa and Georga will be performing at RISE Melbourne Youth Festival on March 23, Paris Cat on May 26 and have a second track planned for release after Easter.

For more information, follow Alyssa and Georga’s journey on their YouTube channel and Instagram. 
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