Archbishop Hart’s Pentecost Message to Youth 2018: Take the risk, spread the joy

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Media and Communications Office

Melbourne’s Archbishop, Denis Hart, has today released his 2018 Pentecost Letter to Youth, encouraging all people, but especially the young, to ‘take the risk of faith’.

As the Archbishop points out, it is Jesus and the Spirit of Jesus driving us forward, a Spirit which has ‘no reverse gear!’

The Kingdom of Heaven is at the core of Jesus’ teachings, and Archbishop Hart points us to where we can find that Kingdom in our world today. It is to be found, he says, in ‘a world of people defined by love for each other, life to the full, wonder and care for the earth and universe, filled with creativity and beauty.’

More than that, however, the Archbishop says it is a ‘community of people’ in ‘a world where peace reigns.’

‘My dear young people, take the risk of faith,’ enjoins His Grace. Inspired by the models of the saints, we are encouraged to ‘open our hearts to new horizons for joy’, so that we can indeed ‘walk the talk’ and, through the joy of Pentecost, share the great joy of our faith with others.

Read the Archbishop Hart’s 2018 Pentecost Letter to Youth here.

Watch the Archbishop deliver his message below.

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