Archbishop Peter A Comensoli’s Christmas message

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Media and Communications Office
Archbishop Peter Comensoli focuses on the wonderful gift of hope in his 2018 Christmas message. View the video and text below.
Every baby born comes with a promise: that life is always stronger than death.
This promise is a powerful gift – the gift of hope.
At Christmas we remember one baby, who was born for all: one life, stronger than any death.
The birth of Jesus is the world’s greatest gift of hope, for it is not a new thing or idea or plan that Jesus brings, but a new life, his own.
The birth of the Saviour brings the light of hope into each of our lives.
And we are the ones for whom Christ has come to be with.
This is a hope worth welcoming, defending and protecting.
Amazingly, Jesus has now entrusted the gift of himself to us, that we might share his life with others.
At a time when our institutions – political, social and religious – are damaged, it is a person who can bring to us renewed reasons to find hope for ourselves, and offer hope to others. 
Hope in the person of Jesus Christ opens up to us new horizons of goodness and rightness; the birth of Jesus challenges the mirages of dominance and self-centredness.
In Jesus our hope is born:

He is good for us now;
We can find our future in Him;
Our trust is assured through Him;
And we are invited to work with Him.
Continue to believe in Jesus Christ, born from God and born of Mary; for he offers us his life so that we might find our lives in him.
Friends, never lose hope in the birth of Jesus Christ.
Happy Christmas.
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