CatholicCare Easter Appeal - Liam’s Story

Monday 25 March 2019

There are many in our community who live on the fringes of society; forgotten and left to fend for themselves in an unforgiving world.
With a helping hand, many of these people can rise up to be leaders in their community; who with empathy and understanding, can bring in others from the fringes of society to help them build a brighter future too. They become cornerstones of our community.

Give a gift this Easter to help ensure that vital counselling services are available to those who need it most.
Liam's Story
Liam* was 16 years old when he made a call to the police that had his father arrested and ultimately saved his mother’s life. The impact of witnessing severe domestic violence not only affected Liam’s home life but it also began to negatively influence his school life too.

We first met Liam a year ago, and since then he has been seeing our family counsellors who have been assisting him to rebuild his life after his parent’s bitter separation and to refocus on his education.

Because of the support he has received through CatholicCare, Liam’s grades have steadily improved and he is now applying for part time work – he has even decided to study psychology as an elective at school, with the hope of understanding and helping other families like his own.

‘I want to know why people act the way they do. I’d be good at helping others because I can put myself in their shoes.’ Liam told his counsellor.

The impact of counselling for Liam will be felt throughout his life and help him on a path to a brighter future, where he can give back to his community.

Your donation today will help fund our counselling services and support children just like Liam to cope with the effects of domestic violence, and rise above them.

You’ll give them the best chance of getting their lives back on track. Then we can proclaim, with the Psalm for Easter Sunday,

‘This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvellous in our eyes.’ (Psalm 118:23)

Together, let us embrace the spirit of Easter this year and bring healing and wholeness to our community.
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