Have you been tolled today?

Friday 8 June 2018

Media and Communications Office

The 2018 ANZAB Ringing Festival has had bells ringing all over the Archdiocese over the long weekend.

ANZAB is The Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers, and from all over the nation and New Zealand, they have descended on us for the long weekend.

The earliest arrivals actually began their pealing on Tuesday, at churches such as St Pius X, West Heidelberg and St Bartholomew's, Burnley. By Wednesday afternoon, they were trying their hand at St Paul's, Geelong and St Paul's Cathedral in the Melbourne CBD.

Thursday it was back to St Pius X, West Heidelberg and St Bartholomew's, Burnley for some ‘quarter pealing’, as well as another visit to St Paul’s Melbourne.

For today’s official opening of the Festival, St Paul’s and St James’ Old Cathedral in King Street (opposite the Flagstaff Gardens) are the focus of attention, with extensive ringing sessions added to intensive tuition for would-be ringers, or campanologists, as they are sometimes (erroneously) known, the term campanologist more properly referring to someone who studies bells, rather than plays them.

Tomorrow , Saturday, the bells of St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne will chime out for an hour and a half in the morning, before the retinue of ringers heads for West Heidelberg, Burnley and St Paul’s again, the Anglican cathedral opposite Flinders Street Station getting the treatment for a full 5 hours in the afternoon.

Sunday, there is barely a belltower spared, as the ringers move from St James' Old Cathedral to St Patrick's Cathedral, to St Peter's, Eastern Hill and then on to St Paul's Cathedral for a ringers’ service at 6pm.

A celebratory meal for the ringers will follow at St Paul's, before a frenetic Monday of ringing to celebrate the Queen’s birthday at St Patrick's Cathedral (from 10am until midday) St Pius X, West Heidelberg for a striking competition and an afternoon of general ringing, then three hours back at St Paul’s, before a brief sojourn in Geelong at the St Paul’s down there.

And this weekend is by no means a one-off. This is the fifty-seventh time ANZAB has gathered!

For an insight into what makes a bell ringer ring their bells, revisit our Media and Communications Office story from a couple of years back.

And enjoy all that ringing in your ears across this long weekend!

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