Homily: Palm Sunday

Sunday 14 April 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

The wounds that we each carry are a picture onto our soul. Our wounds – personal or communal; private or public; from our own sin or inflicted by others – tell the story of our lives. They are signposts of where we have been; and they reveal something of where our journey ahead lies. The wounds we each carry are markers of our humanity.

The wounds that Jesus carried marked out for him his humanity. Even though his state was divine, Jesus did not cling to this protective rank, but emptied himself to take on our humanity. And in taking on our humanity, he took on our wounds, even to the point death. Yet, in this journey of his life – enrobed with the wounds of our lives – Jesus did one thing over and over; he healed.

Jesus healed his quarrelling disciples, who failed to see beyond their own desires; he healed Simon Peter, before he would deny him; he healed those who could not stay awake with him in his hour of need. Jesus healed Judas, even as he received the kiss of betrayal.

He healed the soldiers who came for him, and the servant whose ear was cut off; he healed the woman by the fire and those who mocked and beat him. The Son of Man healed the governor of the Emperor.

He healed the Chief Priest and religious leaders who hated him; he healed Barabbas who escaped his punishment; he healed the crowds baying for his blood; he healed Simon of Cyrene and the Daughters of Jerusalem. Jesus healed the criminals who were crucified with him – both of them.

He healed the centurion who saw how he died, the crowds who came to watch the spectacle, Joseph of Arimathea who buried him, and the women who silently stood by.

The divine Son of God, and our brother in humanity, healed them all of their wounds, which he took with him to his death.

And in his body on the cross he bore our wounds as well, that we might die to them and live to him instead. By his wounds we have been healed. (cf. 1 Pet 2.24)
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