Lent podcast series: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion: Great Expectations

Thursday 11 April 2019

Archbishop's Office for Evangelisation
Lent offers an invitation to actively reorientate ourselves to God, because for Christians, God—and the one who was so loved, Jesus—is the heart and the soul of life. And we are offered beautiful and ancient tools to help us enter into this time—tools of being prayerful, of living more simply and living more generously.

Over the next five weeks of Lent, listeners will be offered a brief reflection on the Sunday gospel—exploring its context and themes, and how it might encourage us in our Lenten journey. In this first episode, Cathy Jenkins offers a reflection on Jesus' experience in the wilderness (Luke 4:1–13)—one of the few times where he is without human accompaniment.
She says, 'I wonder if some us of might also be feeling as though the church is in the wilderness at the moment. The spirits of pain, anger and disappointment are surrounding us from all sides. Reflecting on this passage, I think Jesus provides us with a clue on how to negotiate these times. First of all, we walk into them.'
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