One of the great things about living in a retirement community is meeting new friends

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Villa Maria Catholic Homes
That’s certainly the case for Betty and Nance who have become great friends since moving to VMCH’s Athelstan Retirement Apartments, in Camberwell. They even volunteer together for the National Trust’s annual Vintage Clothing Sale.
Friends, Betty (left) and Nance, both live at Athelstan Retirement Apartments, in Camberwell. 
Nance was one of the creators of the event and she invited Betty to join the team who work throughout the year collecting clothes for the hugely popular sale – held in March.
‘There are four of us who work together now. Two of us started it. We all have a very good friendship through the trust and the vintage clothing sale has grown enormously,’ she said.
This year’s sale raised about $90,000 and they are extremely busy collecting more fashion for next year’s event.
‘We get to see some gorgeous clothes and things that you just don’t see in the shops anymore. The way things were made, the beautiful fabrics. The way women dressed in the ‘50s: gloves, hats, jewellery, everything looking immaculate. We rarely see that today,’ Betty said.
Betty says she really appreciated the support of the Athelstan community when her husband passed away three years after they move into their apartment.
‘We had three lovely years here together and then I lost my husband and it was a great shock and I basically felt now I have to go it along. I wasn’t alone thought, because this was a community where I got tremendous support,’ Betty said.
If you want to learn more about retirement living with VMCH, come along to the open day at Athelstan Retirement Apartments on Tuesday, 23 October 11am to 12.30pm.
VMCH will be hosting a morning tea and visitors can also meet Athelstan’s friendly staff and ask them questions.

Athelstan is home to 66 contemporary two and three-bedroom apartments. Other features include a café, bar, restaurant, hair and beauty salon, fully equipped gymnasium, library and beautiful lounge areas.

What: Athelstan Open Day
Where: 450 Camberwell Road, Camberwell
When: Tuesday October 23, 11am to 12.30pm
RSVP: Call Athelstan reception on 03 9809 1231 to RSVP. Family and friends welcome.
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