CatholicCare: 85 years of inspiration CatholicCare: 85 years of inspiration

CatholicCare: 85 years of inspiration

Thursday 16 January 2020

Bernadette Garcia, CatholicCare 
I first learned about Norma Parker and Constance Moffit in 2014, from Fr Joe Caddy who was CEO of CatholicCare at that time. He spoke of the two women who founded the Catholic Social Service Bureau back in 1935, pointing to a black and white photograph on the shelf in his office. 

Catholic Church plans national response to bushfire crisis: Statement from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Catholic Church plans national response to bushfire crisis
Australia is facing an unprecedented calamity as fire engulfs the land in many places. We have all seen the apocalyptic images, even if we are not in the areas most affected. Lives have been lost, homes and towns have been destroyed, smoke has shrouded large swathes of our country.

And there is no end in sight to the horror which confronts us with our powerlessness before the devastating force of nature.

The efforts of firefighters have been heroic. The resilience of the communities affected has been extraordinary. This has been Australia at its best, and we all stand with those who have been most stricken and with those who are putting their lives on the line to fight the fires.

But we need more than words. Expressions of solidarity are important, but they are not enough. 

Message from Archbishop Comensoli

Weekend, 4-5 January 2020

Message from Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
Weekend, 4-5 January 2020

My dear friends,

On this first weekend of the New Year, we should be focusing on the joy of families, friends and holidays.

Instead for so many, the beginning of 2020 has already been marked with loss, destruction, separation and deep sadness; and it would seem there is more to come.

Our skies across Melbourne are filled with the smell and haze of the fires – a steady reminder that our neighbours, so close to us particularly in the Gippsland areas, but also in our bordering States of NSW and South Australia are in dire need. Into these communities too, have come hundreds of volunteers and service organisations who have given up their own family celebrations, and placed their lives on the line to bring help, support and relief where possible. There is something truly remarkable, and exceptionally humbling, about the spirit of our shared humanity that gives its all without question.