Ascension Sunday Homily Ascension Sunday Homily

Ascension Sunday Homily

Sunday 2 June 2019

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli Not too long ago, the father of a priest friend of mine died. In our conversations about his death, he spoke of the hole that was left in him by the death of his dad. This hole, he said, was necessary: it marked the place in him where their relationship had been. What has stuck with me about this image is now clearly it spoke to me of my own experience at the death of my parents – there are now holes in me, when once they were. I don’t see these as problematic, but somewhat comforting: they continue to have a place in my life.

Pope at Audience: Salvation is not bought, it is a gift

Friday 31 May 2019

Vatican News
Pope Francis begins a new catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles, telling the faithful that the protagonists are the Word and the Spirit.’
At his General Audience on Wednesday the Pope led the faithful on a new journey. Leaving behind his continuing catechesis on the Our Father, Pope Francis began a new cycle focusing on the Acts of the Apostles.

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