Re-emerging with purpose: Using what we learnt during lockdown to build more fruitful parishes

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Mission Team 
Our family has enjoyed our weekends during ‘lockdown’. Without the sporting commitments and social activities that usually fill our weekends, we have enjoyed board games, quiet days in the garden and regular exercise. We have learnt from this lockdown time that we want to be more vigilant about the choices we make with our family time—what we say ‘yes’ to.

The Catholic love of Mary

Tuesday 20 May 2020

Fr Gerard Dowling 
A woman I know who became a member of the Catholic Church is puzzled by the familiarity she observes in most cradle Catholics towards Mary, the mother of Jesus. She notices, for instance, how easily Hail Mary’s trip off our tongues, and how we, who have been brought up Catholic, often spontaneously turn to the mother of Jesus when we need help. She is conscious too of how often, when we are confronted with difficulties in our everyday circumstances, we seek refuge in her. 

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