Sacred Heart Mission: One Heart, One Home Giving Day

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Sacred Heart Mission 
When Graham leads you through the hallways of Sacred Heart Community, which provides accommodation, health and support services to our ageing community who have experienced chronic disadvantage and homelessness, you can see how he got the nickname ‘Poppa G’.
The 71 year old’s nickname has followed him since his days as a social worker in Darwin supporting refugee children from East Timor to today as the Mission’s Resident Representative.

For more than five years Graham, who suffers from liver disease as a result of alcohol abuse, has lived at Sacred Heart Community which is undergoing the most transformational redevelopment in the Mission’s 36-year history.

‘Sacred Heart Community is a roof over my head, a new family and it’s very special to me,’ Graham says.

‘The staff are all so welcoming - nothing is too much for them. Without this place, I’d probably be dead.

‘We’ve never moved into a new home before, and now, well, we have a home for life.’

The residents, Graham’s friends and roommates, are patiently waiting for their new home as we progress with a $27.3 million redevelopment of our buildings between the corners of Robe and Grey streets.

The construction crew have completed excavation of the site, precast panels have been installed, the time capsule has been incorporated into its permanent home, and the level four slab has been poured.

The redevelopment involves constructing a new building that merges our two existing aged care buildings - Sacred Heart Community and Avonsleigh - increasing the number of beds to 97.

The sale of our Avonsleigh Terrace property, which is a key part of project funding, unfortunately sold for less than anticipated and has left us with a funding gap.

Today we aim to raise $1 million to quickly cover this gap to make sure we can provide our residents with the best care and services possible.

Graham will move into one of the supported independent living units when the development is completed.

‘In the new building, I’ll be able to do my own cooking. I’ll make steak, steak and even more steak! I’ll invite Norm over,’ Graham says.

‘I’ll have my own shower recess and bed and bookcase. I’ll be able to invite my friends over.’

Help us to finish this building project. For just ONE day, your gift will be quadrupled by our generous supporters on One Heart, One Home Giving Day.

But, here’s the catch, the day is all-or-nothing. If we do not reach our target, donations will not be processed. Every $1 you give will be multiplied X 4 thanks to the support of generous donors who are quadrupling your gift. Your $10 will turn into $40 and your $50 will turn into $200.

It is an all-or-nothing campaign. If we do not reach our funding target, donations will not be processed.

We hope One Heart One Home will inspire everyone in the community to give. Your gift will help provide a home and better health and support services to the people we work with who are some of the most vulnerable people in our community.
One heart will make all the difference, will yours?
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